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Rent Your Office Space from us and start Building your Future!

Chiropractic & Concussion Management

Balanced Nervous-system, Healthy Bodies


Registered Massage Therapy

Professional Quality Care

Career Opportunities London, ON

Exceptional Service! Pain-Free Bodies!


Wortley Wellness Centre offers prime office space for lease. We are located on 119 and 123 Wortley Road in London, ON  N6C 3P3

The home of Wortley Wellness Centre is two beautiful heritage buildings (1882) in Wortley Village, a hip and artsy community in the heart of old south. The ambiance of these elegant facilities is sure to impress! Our furnished treatment rooms echo with distinct character and the feeling of vibrant healing energy.  Unfurnished rooms are also available if you prefer your office space to reflect your own personality. Of course we also welcome professionals such as Lawyers, Real Estate Brokers, Phycologists etc. Parking is also available.

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